Work Stuff:

  • Alternate Universe paper and data: Added Dec 21, 2015
  • Planck Bandmerged Early Release Compact Source catalogs See X. Chen et al., 2016, MNRAS
  • Talk on Reionization
  • Euclid mission involvement
  • Origins Mission Concept (Password required)
  • GOODS Spitzer Legacy Program (Password required)
  • Chary & Elbaz (2001) templates (IDL Savefile)
  • Chary & Elbaz (2001) template luminosities (IDL Savefile)
  • Code to calculate bolometric luminosities from 24 micron flux and redshift using CE01 and DH02. Note that in Magnelli et al. 2009, DH02 have been found to be a poor representation of z<1.3 galaxies. So I recommend editing out the DH02 part of the code.
  • Code to calculate bolometric luminosities from monochromatic flux densities (including Herschel/ALMA) and redshift using a variety of templates. See README file in the tarball for details.
  • Spitzer IRS Spectroscopy Results
  • Spitzer observations of the z=8.26 gamma-ray burst (GRB090423)
  • Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS), Spitzer Data
  • An Hour-long CITA Seminar on Reionization

    Students/postdocs and their current positions:

    Benjamin Magnelli (Ph.D. CEA-Saclay, France) -> MPE postdoc ->IfA, Bonn postdoc -> ALMA staff
    Alexandra Pope (Ph.D. Univ of British Columbia, Vancouver) -> NOAO -> UMass faculty
    Anthony Pullen (Ph.D. Caltech) -> NYU faculty
    James Davies (M.S. Johns Hopkins) -> SSC Data Analyst -> CfA Data Analyst
    Fan Yang (Ph.D. NAOC, China)->Beijing Normal University

    Ethan Cochran (B.Sc. UCLA) -> Data Science
    Kyle Finner (Ph.D. Yonsei) -> current
    Bomee Lee (Ph.D. UMass) -> Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Staff Scientist
    Abhishek Prakash (Ph.D. UPittsburgh) -> Health Care consultancy
    Eric Murphy (Ph.D. Yale) -> NRAO Staff Scientist
    Matt Thomson (Ph.D. Univ of Sussex) -> UK Department of Education -> Ernst & Young
    Hyunjin Shim (Ph.D. Seoul National Univ) -> Kyungpook National University, South Korea, faculty
    Alessandro Rettura (Ph.D. U. Paris) -> Keck observatory instrument support scientist
    Carmen Rodriguez-Gonzalez (Ph.D. Cambridge) - International Center for Genetics, UK
    Xi Chen (Ph.D. UCLA) -> Data Analyst for the NASA Extragalactic Database

    Past Education/Public Outreach Programs:

    Primary school kids in Ethiopia:2019

    Measuring the Spin of Supermassive Black Holes with SOFIA: 2017. We have recently initiated a program to undertake high cadence optical observations of black holes with NASA's SOFIA observatory and Caltech's Palomar observatory. If interested and have skills in analysis of time-domain astronomy data, drop me a line.

    NITARP with Planck: 2012. There is no better training for a real-world experience than for students to face a scientific problem and to work collaboratively to solve it, while having fun at it. Thus, the goal of the NITARP program is to have school students and teachers work on active astronomical research areas with cutting-edge NASA research facilities.

    Recent Press Releases:

  • Evidence for Alternate Universes?: Feb 2016
  • Euclid mission selection: Jan 2013
  • Are Distant Galaxies Grazers or Voracious Tigers?: Jun 2011
  • Planck Early Results: Jan 2011

    Recent Honors:

  • NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal (2011)