Rui Cheng

Welcome! I am a graduate student at Environmental Science and Engineering, Caltech. I was an atmospheric science major at college and trained as an ecologist in my master program at Lehigh University. In July 2017, I started my Phd Program at the GPS division, Caltech. I am primarily working with Prof. Christian Frankenberg and studying the applications of Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) and vegetation reflectance. I also work with Prof. Tapio Schneider on California precipitation.


rccheng [at] caltech [dot] edu


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News (updated on Oct 9, 2018)

* Dec 11, 2018

I will be giving a talk on vegetation reflectances at the AGU fall meeting in session B23B: Advances in the remote sensing of the terrestrial carbon cycle. Welcome to stop by!

* Sep 17, 2018

I defensed my two first-year projects and passed the phd qualifying exam.

* Aug 23-24, 2018

I attended the 2018 AmeriFlux Synthesis Workshp at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The title of this workshop was Decadal Synthesis Survey: Insights from the Integration of Flux Observations with Ancillary Measurements, and Future Directions.

* July 9-21, 2017, Fluxcourse at Mountain Research Station, CO

drawing credit to Kim Novick

* July 1, 2017, I started at Caltech!


* May 22, 2017, Graduation Ceremony