Peida Tian


Peida Tian
Email: ptian[at]caltech[dot]edu
Moore Lab Room 116C
MC 136-93 Pasadena CA 91125


I'm now a third year Ph.D student in Electrical Engineering at Caltech, and I'm fortunate to be co-advised by Professor Venkat Chandrasekaran and Professor Victoria Kostina. Currently, I'm working on statistical and computational aspects of graph related problems. Previously, I did some work in finite blocklength information theory. I have broad interests in optimization, statistics and information theory.



  1. "From parameter estimation to dispersion of nonstationary Gauss-Markov processes", Peida Tian, Victoria Kostina, [ISIT'2019], [arXiv], [submitted].
  2. "The dispersion of the Gauss-Markov source", Peida Tian, Victoria Kostina, [ISIT'2018], [arXiv], [IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, May 2019].
  3. "Arbitrarily varying networks: capacity-achieving computationally efficient codes", Peida Tian, Sid Jaggi, Mayank Bakshi, Oliver Kosut, [ISIT'2016], [arXiv].

Teaching assistant

  1. EE/Ma/CS 127 Error-Correcting Codes, fall 2017
  2. EE 163A Communication Networks, winter 2018
  3. EE 120 Topics in Information Theory, spring 2018
  4. ACM 113 Mathematical Optimization, fall 2018