Protein/Peptide MicroAnalytical Laboratory
Beckman Institute Room 204
Lab (626) 395-6388
Office (626) 395-2769 Director Dr. Jie Zhou
(626) 395-6388 Manager Felicia Rusnak
Office (626) 395-2750 Chemist/Biologist Felicia Rusnak

The Protein/Peptide Micro Analytical Laboratory = PPMAL
is the core resource facility located in the Beckman Institute. The laboratory supports research in biology and chemistry across the Caltech campus in protein and biopolymer structure analysis and proteomics.

Services - Methods

ESI-MS $50; MALDI-MS $50; LC-MS $200; Protein ID $220; Edman Sequence $200 set-up, residues $20 each. There is a surcharge for samples that require desalting or additional clean-up. All prices are per sample. Off-campus prices are higher, and will have overhead charges added by Caltech.


Dr. Jie Zhou.............Director


Felicia Rusnak

Faculty Advisor

Professor James R. Heath

Contact Information

The laboratory is located in room 204 of The Beckman Institute (offices in rooms 232 and 215).

Tel: (626) 395-6388 [lab], (626) 395-2769 or (626)395-2750 [offices].

e-mail: ppmal@caltech.edu.

Instrumentation List of instruments, descriptions, and pictures.

Off-campus Collaboration

Many users continue to send samples to our lab after they have left Caltech. Please contact the lab when you are going to submit a sample. Print out a request form here: (blank forms)

We occasionally provide analysis for non-affiliated organizations. Please contact the lab prior to sending a sample. The request forms are available here: (blank forms)

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