Click at positions for reloading stations. BASIC IDEAS TO BE EMPHASIZED IN PLANNING TUTORIAL:

* The leftover bananas decrease linearly.

* Creating intermediate storage seems to lead to a paradox that can be explained by the fact that camels are used inefficiently.

* Observe subchords have constant length equal to the critical distance.

* Reloading stations should be located equidistantly for maximal delivery.

* Amounts stored equidistantly decrease in geometric progression.

* Limiting case - Exponential is the most efficient. Constant subchord becomes constant subtangent.


* Adds an arithmetic sequence to the geometric one.

* Optimizes the number of reloading stations.

* Equidistant principle doesn't hold. There are optimal points.

* What is the maximal price for reloading to preserve efficiency? For only one reloading station it can be easily found .