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Welcome to the Electric Field Applet
This applet allows the user to set up a distribution of charges, upon which the applet will show the electric potential, electric field lines, and equipotential lines. In addition, the electric force will be observed through real time interaction of charges.

BLUE = Negative Charge      RED = Positive Charge

Electric Field and Potential:
  • Set the charge by adjusting the scroll bar at the right.
  • Click anywhere on the applet to put a charge down.
  • Continue putting various charges.
  • After Each charge, the applet should be calculating, with the status bar indicating "Calculating..."
  • Afterward, it will show each feature selected with the check boxes one by one.

  • Electric Force:
  • The "Go" button will let the charges accelerate according to the electric charge.
  • Initial Velocity: Each charge is assigned a random initial velocity
  • Wall Boundary: The charges collide elastically with the boundaries of the area.

  • *This applet shows the field lines, potential, equipotential lines, and electric force only as a representation and as an approximation.

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