Physics 2 - 2016/17

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Course Information

Ph2b (Winter Term)


Cliff Cheung
432 Downs, Ext.6595

Course Secretary:

Meagan Heirwegh
253 Sloan, Ext. 4335

Section Changes:

You are encouraged to find a recitation section that is both enjoyable and beneficial. If you are dissatisfied with your assigned section, feel free to sit in on another one. If you decide to change sections, first get the signature of the instructor of the new section, on your yellow card. Then get the course secretary to sign the drop column on the yellow card. The instructors sometimes change room assignments: the course secretary should have the most up-to- date information.


Griffiths, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 2nd Edition. ISBN-13: 978-0131118928, ISBN-10: 0-13-111892-7. The international version ISBN numbers are ISBN-13: 978-0131911758. ISBN-10: 0-13-191175-9. Beware that there are some defective copies under the name "Pearson New International Edition", as mentioned on, whose contents are different from the standard 2nd edition.


Homework will be due every Tuesday by 11:00am, in the boxes located on the second floor of E. Bridge, outside the lecture hall. Assignments will be accepted up to one week late for half credit. Requests for extensions, owing to special circumstances, will not be considered unless accompanied by a note from the Dean of Students. The work must be your own, not copied from others or the blackboard in recitation. You are encouraged to work the problems with others and to seek out additional help, if you find that useful, but the written work, must be all your own. You should be able to reproduce any solution, you hand in, without help from anyone else. Assignments and exams will be returned to the boxes on the first floor of East Bridge.


Quizzes will be due on Mondays at 4:00pm throughout the term in the same boxes where homework is due. The quizzes must be worked on your own, without collaboration with/from others. Late quizzes will not be accepted, without a Note from the Dean of Students (notes from health services, roommates, etc., will not be accepted). In the case of extenuating circumstances, known in advance, please speak to Prof. Cliff Cheung.

Exams & Grading:

There will be a final exam covering the entire term. There will be no midterm exam. Your grade for the course will be determined by your performance on the final exam (40%), quizzes (30%), and homework, combined with your attendance, performance in recitation class and general level of effort (30%).


Each house should select an Ombudsperson. Students should inform them of complaints about the course or make suggestions on how to improve the course. This is the best way to transmit your viewpoint on the course, to the instructors. The Ph2 instructors will have lunch with the Ombuds on Jan 31 and if necessary again on Feb 21. Students are also encouraged to discuss any problems regarding the course, directly with Professor Cheung, after lecture or by appointment.

Collaboration Policies:

You may consult Homework Exams/Quizzes
Course textbook
(including answers in the back)
and posted class notes
Yes Yes
Other books Yes No
Solutions manuals No No
Wikipedia/online encyclopedias Yes No
Problem specific web sources from
Quora/physics stack-exchange
No No
Your notes (taken in class) Yes Yes
Class notes of others Yes No
Your hand copies of class notes of others Yes Yes
Photocopies of class notes of others Yes No
Electronic copies of class notes of others Yes No
Course handouts Yes Yes
Your returned homework/quizzes/exams Yes Yes
Solutions to this year's prior
homeworks/quizzes/exams (posted on webpage)
Yes Yes
Homework/quizzes/exams of previous years No No
Solutions to homework/quizzes/exams
of previous years
No No
Emails from TAs Yes No
You may Homework Exams/Quizzes
Discuss problems with others Yes No
Look at communal materials
while writing up solutions
Yes No
Look at individual written work of others No No
Post about problems online No No
For computational aids, you may use: Homework Exams/Quizzes
Calculators Yes Yes
Computers Yes No
Mathematica Yes No