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Welcome to Ph2a Waves and Oscillations : Fall 2018


Ph2a (Fall Term 2018) News


2018/11/15Homework-7 has been updated: Numerical value of k added for problem 33.

2018/11/03Homework-5 due date has been extended to 4pm Thursday, Nov. 8. Given this, Ashmeet's office hour (only for week-6) will be on Wednesday, 7pm instead of the usual Monday 7pm.

2018/10/25Groups for the Midterm Quizz have been finalized and can be found here. General details about the quizz can be looked up here

2018/10/17We have a Piazza for the class now where students can ask and discuss questions (even anonymously). Please join the Piazza here.

2018/10/15Homework return policy update: Homework for students who have not waived their FERPA can be collected from Meagan Heirwegh in 156 Linde Hall.

2018/10/13Prof. Porter's lecture notes for week 1 and 2 uploaded in the Notes tab

2018/10/07We have ombudspeople for the class now! Discuss your thoughts and suggestions about the class with them!

2018/10/05Grading schedule has been finalized! Can be found in the Section, Office Hours and Grading Schedule tab.

2018/09/30Room change for Section-1 recitations (Ashmeet's WF 11am): We will meet in Lauriten 269 instead of Downs 119.

2018/09/27Website Updated for Fall 2018