Math 116b Winter 2020
10:30-11:55 TR, 187 Linde Hall

Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos
Office: 102 Linde Hall
panagio at
Office hours. Mondays 4-5 PM for now (but feel free to knock my door or send email!)

Books. This class will be based on a complilation of book chapters and personal notes. I will be typing up most of the things we cover in class and posting it here on a weekly basis. That being said, Enderton's "Elements of set theory" is going to be relevant for large parts of the quarter. For a more advanced book one may look at Kunen's "Set theory". Finally, a pleasant read for the last weeks of the quarter (or afterwards) might be Weaver's "Forcing for mathematicians".

HW3. (Solutions)

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