I am a Harry Bateman research instructor (postdoc) at Caltech. My postdoctoral mentor is A.S. Kechris. I received my Ph.D in 2017 from UIUC, working under the supervision of S. Solecki. I got my undergraduate diploma in applied mathematics and physics from NTUA in 2012.

My research interests lie in the interactions between logic and dynamics of large topological groups.


I am currently teaching

Computability III: advanced topics (Math 117c) . Here is the course webpage.

I am currently organizing

Homotopy type theory learning seminar. Here is the seminar calendar.

Previous courses at Caltech

Computability II & Gödel's incompleteness theorems (Winter 2019) . (Math 117b) at Caltech Here is the course webpage.

Groups and Dynamics (Fall 2018) (Math 191a) at Caltech. Here is the course webpage.

Descriptive Set Theory (Spring 2018) (Math 116C) at Caltech. Here is the course webpage.

Axiomatic Set Theory (Winter 2018) (Math 116B) at Caltech. Here is the course webpage.

Mathematical Logic (Fall 2017) (Math 116A) at Caltech. Here is the course webpage.

Service and Employment

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. Member of the Graduate Affairs Committee, math department, UIUC.

Spring 2017. Instructor for the course ``Ideas in Geometry'' (Math 119) at UIUC.

Spring 2016. Instructor for a Calc 2 (Math 231) class at UIUC.

Spring 2014. I was a teaching assistant on a volunteer basis at the Danville correctional center for Education Justice Project (EJP). Based on a past joint work with N. Kotsani I also offered the seminar "Art & Mathematics" at Danville.

Sept. 2010 - June 2012 I was an instructor for the cross-curricular education program “Art & Mathematics” at Herakleidon Museum, Experience in Visual Arts .