Caltech Paddling Club

The Caltech Paddling Club is designed to expose members of the Caltech community to the sports of whitewater kayaking, canoeing and rafting.

We offer weekly instruction time at the Caltech pool to teach students how to exit, control and roll a kayak. We encourage students to learn these manuevers in a safe environment before attempting whitewtaer on their own. We are also dedicated to helping individuals locate outfitters so that anyone can plan their own whitewater adventures.


El Presidente - Matt Coggon (
El Secretary/Treasurer - Devin Wiley (
El Historian - Jill Craven (


Jill in Ewings Rapid, Kernville, Ca

Matt in Ewings Rapid, Kernville, Ca

Devin getting reading to go down the Lower Kern, Kernville, Ca

Devin and Matt going down the Lower Kern, Kernville, Ca

Movie of running Ewing Rapid in Kernville, Ca


Wednesday morning practice sessions in the Caltech pool from 9 am to 11 am.