Gold traveler (main curtain), motorized, variable speed of from 15 seconds to 2 minutes.
Controlled from Stage and Booth. (This Drape is currently not working)

Brown traveler (mid-stage), motorized, variable speed of from 12 seconds to 1.5 minutes.
Controlled from Stage and Booth.

Black velour border (mid-stage), motorized.
Black velour traveler (up-stage), Hand Operated.
White cyclorama (up-stage), on same pipe as Black Traveler
There is no space between the Cyc and the back wall.


First electric approx mid-stage
Second electric up-satge directly down-stage of black traveler
Bboth motorized.


A matte white 30' x 15' projection screen with adjustable masking hangs mid stage (screen and masking are both motorized).

Screen controls are located both in the control booth and at the stage manager's console backstage.


There are no battens for flying scenery.
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(626) 395-3839 or drmiles@caltech.edu


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