Masculinization of woman in the name of 'liberation'

Motherhood and virginity (the two highest values in which a woman realizes her deepest vocation) have become values that are opposed to those which are currently dominant.

Woman, who is creative in the truest sense of the word since she gives life, does not, however, 'produce' life in that technical sense that is the only one that matters in a a society that, in its cult of efficiency, has become increasingly masculine. Society assures her that it wants to `liberate' her, to 'emancipate' her, while at the same time it encourages her to masculinize herself and seeks to bring her into conformity with the culture of productivity; it subjects her to the control of a masculine society of technicians, salesmen, politicians, who strive for profit and power and in doing so organize, market, and instrumentalize everything for their own purposes.

By the claim that sexual differentiation is in reality of secondary importance (and hence the reduction of the body, as an incarnation of the spirit, to a sexual being), woman is robbed not only of motherhood but also of the free choice of virginity. Yet, just as man cannot procreate without her, so he cannot be virgin except by 'imitating' woman. It follows that the woman has also in this way a high value as a 'sign', an 'example', for the other half of humanity.

- From ' Co-Workers of the Truth': Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Ignatius Press, San Francisco), p.265-266.

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