Love is for Life: Pastoral Letter of the Irish Bishops


Part I God's Plan for Love

1. Love Between Men and Women: The Promise and the Reality

2. Sex is a Language of Love

3. Love Comes from God

4. God Made Man for Love

5. The Greatest Commandment: Love

6. Married Love in the Bible

7. The Covenant and Marriage

8. Marriage Restored in Christ

Part II Putting Love Into Love

9. The Sexual Revolution

10. Truthfulness in Sexual Love

11. Sex and Marriage

11.1 Extra-marital Sex
11.2 Pre-marital Sex
11.3 Cohabitation Without Marriage
11.4 Unmarried Pregnancy

12. Sex and Parenthood

12.1 Children, the Precious Gift of Marriage
12.2 Responsible Parenthood
12.3 The Contraceptive Mentality
12.4 Sterilisation

13. Loveless Sex

13.1 Pornography
13.2 Rape

14. Solitary Sex

15. Homosexuality

16. The Challenge of Chastity

16.1 The Christian Vision
16.2 Keeping Faith with Love
16.3 Consecrated Chastity
16.4 Mary Ever Virgin

Part III Marriage: Its Stresses and Its Graces

17. Marriage in Contemporary Society

18. Incidence of Marital Breakdown in Ireland

19. Marriage and Fidelity in Christian Revelation

20. The Divorce Debate

20.1 Law and Morality
20.2 Divorce and the Definition of Marriage
20.3 Irretrievable Breakdown
20.4 Divorce Statistics
20.5 Divorce in Northern Ireland
20.6 Divorce and Children
20.7 Divorce and Women

Part IV Marriage and the Family in Society and in the Church

21. The State and the Family

21.1 The Rights of the Family
21.2 The Irish Constitution and the Family
21.3 Public Policies of Support for Marriage
21.4 Reform of Family Law
21.5 Averting Marital Breakdown
21.6 Preparation for Marriage

22. Marriage in the Christian Community

22.1 Existing Services for Marriage and the Family
22.2 New Services Needed
22.3 Priests and the Pastoral Care of Marriage
22.4 Church Annulments
22.5 The Church's Compassion in Difficult Cases
22.6 Marriage and the Family in the Life of the Church
22.7 Sexuality and Holiness
22.8 Being the Church
22.9 Single Persons and Widows
22.10 Pope John Paul's call to Irish Families
22.11 The Eternal Wedding Feast

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