Niranjan Srinivas


I am a doctoral candidate in computation and neural systems at the California institute of technology (Caltech). I belong to the DNA and natural algorithms group and am advised by

Erik Winfree.

I’m interested in using biomolecules (like

synthetic DNA) to engineer smart molecular systems in a scalable way (by exploiting the principles of computer science). Such systems could potentially interface with biology or perform self-assembly, both of which traditional silicon-based systems typically cannot do.

I graduated from the Indian institute of technology at Kanpur with a masters in mathematics and scientific computing in May 2008. After working in quantitative finance for a year, first at Lehman Brothers and then at Nomura, I joined Caltech in July 2009.

Contact information:

Email: “my first name” at caltech dot edu

Snail mail:

1200 E California blvd.

Mail code 136-93

Pasadena, CA - 91125.

Picture courtesy of Deb Ray

Last updated: July 2, 2014.

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