Niranjan Srinivas


I am a doctoral candidate in computation and neural systems at Caltech. I belong to the DNA and natural algorithms group and am advised by

Erik Winfree.

Broadly, I’m fascinated by molecular programming, synthetic biology and developmental biology. I’m particularly interested in engineering and understanding complex chemical networks.

My current focus is on using the tools of DNA nanotechnology to build in vitro chemical networks in a general and systematic way.

I graduated from the Indian institute of technology at Kanpur with a masters in mathematics and scientific computing in May 2008. After working in quantitative finance for a year, first at Lehman Brothers and then at Nomura, I joined Caltech in July 2009.

Contact information:

Email: “my first name” at caltech dot edu

Snail mail:

1200 E California blvd.

Mail code 136-93

Pasadena, CA - 91125.

Picture courtesy of Deb Ray

Last updated: December 10, 2014.