Ec 106: Topics in Industrial Organization

Meeting times and location: MW 10.30am-12 noon. Baxter 315
  • There will be NO CLASS MEETING on Monday, Oct. 4, 2010.

  • Course syllabus PDF

    Lecture Notes:

  • Auctions: theory primer Part 1 Part 2
    Bajari-Hortacsu paper (PDF). Discussion questions here.
    Lewis paper (PDF)
    Roth-Ockenfels paper (PDF)

  • Auctions: econometrics PDF
    Guerre-Perrigne-Vuong paper (PDF)
    Haile-Hong-Shum paper (PDF)
    Hendricks-Pinkse-Porter paper (PDF)
    Ivanov-Levin-Niederle paper (PDF)

  • Consumer search, price dispersion, and consumer confusion PDF
    Hong-Shum paper (PDF). Slides here.
    Lewis-Marvel paper (PDF).
    de los Santos-Hortacsu-Wildenbeest paper (PDF).
    Hall-Woodward paper (PDF).
    Agarwal, Driscoll, Gabaix and Laibson paper (PDF).

  • Demand estimation, instrumental variables, and online vs. offline Part 1 Part 2
    Chevalier-Goolsbee paper (PDF).
    Ellison-Ellison paper (PDF).
    Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf paper (PDF).

  • Consumer uncertainty, learning, and manipulation
    Milgrom-Roberts paper (PDF).
    Ackerberg paper (PDF).

  • Paper presentations:
    Hossain-Ely paper (PDF), presented by CeCe Ge
    Reiley-Katkar paper (PDF), presented by Sunny Choi
    Edelmann-Ostrovsky-Schwarz paper (PDF), presented by Olga Mandelshtam
    Kosmopoulou-DeSilva paper (PDF), presented by James Wu

  • Problem sets:

  • Auction econometrics PDF


  • Outline of paper discussion PDF