Monica Jinwoo Kang



The physical mathematics of quantum field theory summer school, Lecture series, July 2023

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Lectures, June-July 2023

Caltech, Advanced Quantum Field Theory, Spring 2022 (substituted)

Quantum Geometry and Duality, Lectures, October 2021

2nd PIMS Summer School on Algebraic Geometry in High-Energy Physics, Lecture series, August 2021

APCTP, Updates on methods of theoretical physics, Lecture series, August 2021

KAIST, Lectures in Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Entanglement, January 2021

Caltech, Quantum Field Theory II, Winter 2020 (substituted)

Harvard, Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics (251b), Spring 2016 (substituted)

Harvard, Algebraic Geometry II, Spring 2015 (substituted)

Harvard Teaching Fellow

Spring2019: String Theory II (287br)

Spring2018: Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics (251b)

Spring2017: Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics (251b)

Spring2016: Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics (251b)

Fall 2014: Mechanics, Elasticity, Fluids, and Diffusion (PS2)

Spring 2014: Introduction to Electromagnetism (15b)

Fall 2013: Introduction to Theoretical Physics (151)

Summer 2013: Principles of Physics(S1ab)

UC Berkeley Graduate Student Instructor

Spring 2012: Advanced Laboratory(111adv)

Reader: Quantum Information(C191), Statistical and Thermal Physics(112), Quantum Mechanics(137b), Introduction to General Astronomy(C10)