Monica Jinwoo Kang



Harvard Teaching Fellow

Spring2019: String Theory II (287br)

Spring2018: Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics (251b)

Spring2017: Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics (251b)

Spring2016: Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics (251b)

Fall 2014: Mechanics, Elasticity, Fluids, and Diffusion (PS2)

Spring 2014: Introduction to Electromagnetism (15b)

Fall 2013: Introduction to Theoretical Physics (151)

Summer 2013: Principles of Physics(S1ab)

UC Berkeley Graduate Student Instructor

Spring 2012: Advanced Laboratory(111adv)

Reader: Quantum Information(C191), Statistical and Thermal Physics(112), Quantum Mechanics(137b), Introduction to General Astronomy(C10)

Lectures Substituted

Winter2020: Quantum Field Theory 2, Caltech

Spring2016: Graduate Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Harvard

Spring2015: Algebraic Geometry 2, Harvard