In Collaboration with Mark Rodwell, UCSB

The antenna pictured at left was designed at Caltech for 94 GHz using HFSS, a 3D EM-simulation program. The design is a follow-up of the original design done by Taavi Hirvonen. It was fabricated by Professor Mark Rodwell and his group at the University of California at Santa Barbara. This is one of the several structures designed at Caltech. Generally, as the frequency goes up the size of the antenna becomes smaller. The 94 GHz antenna size is approximately 700 µm x 800 µm x 150 µm.

94 GHz HBT AmplifiersI
For information on Prof. Rodwell's research group and the related research on this collaboration, click on his site: University of California, Santa Barbara.
The area which the antenna occupies on the substrate is approximately 85% of the area of the original design.The performance in the simulation is: S11: -15dB, Gain: 4.8dB, Band Width:4GHz (VSWR < 1.4). Fabrication of a 2x2 array is currently under way to increase the gain.

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updated March 1, 2001