Suggestions for Printing Puff 2.1 on

Windows NT


Your machine is connected to a printer by parallel port:

1. Create a file PUFF.BAT in the Puff directory with the following commands in it: VGA2LASR and PUFF

2. Change the MS-DOS properties for Puff (if there is no PUFF.PIF file yet, create one by right-clicking on PUFF.EXE and then "Properties")

3. Start Puff by double-clicking on PUFF.PIF (shortcut to PUFF.BAT with the MS-DOS icon). Printing should be possible directly by hitting Shift-PrtScr (as under DOS).
Your computer is trying to print through the network
For network printers or printers not supported by VGA2LASR, only the solution through the NT clipboard will work. Use a screen capture program which must be activated before opening Puff. We use Corel Capture ver 5.0 or higher to capture. It comes bundled with CorelDraw and Corel Photo Paint.

To print Puff 2.1 on a Windows NT system connected to a network printer:

Method #1

  1. Open Puff
  2. Do your simulation on the full DOS screen
  3. "alt-enter" will reduce it to a small window and freeze the program
  4. "PrtScr" will capture the whole screen and put it on the clipboard
  5. Open MS Paint (this program is frequently bundled with NT )
  6. Go to "edit", then "paste" (from clipboard)
  7. Click "image", "invert colors"
  8. Crop and print

Method #2

If you get to step #7 and can not proceed, try the following:

7. Save as a 16 color bitmap
8. Crop" image (center and put a box around window using the dashed-box icon) using
"ctrl-x" or "edit" then "cut". Click on "file", "new" then "edit" and "paste"
9. Open a graphical vector editor like "Coreldraw" (version 5 or higher)
10. "New graphic"
11. "edit" and "paste
12. "Effects" and "color adjustment" then "invert"
13. Print to network printer

Method #3

  1. Do steps #1-5 above
  2. Open Microsoft photo editor (this program is frequently bundled with NT)
  3. Paste from clipboard
  4. Crop and paste as a new image
  5. Your image may be displayed in reverse colors- go to "effects" then "negative"
  6. Print (don’t forget to check off "fit to page" and "landscape"

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