PUFF 2.1 is a program for laying out and analyzing microstrip and stripline circuits on IBM-compatible personal computers. The program was written in Turbo Pascal and supports dot-matrix and HP LaserJet printers and VGA, EGA and CGA graphics.THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE THROUGH PUFF DISTRIBUTION. PUFF (English Version) IS AVAILABLE IN TWO PUBLICATIONS:
David Rutledge Book

The Electronics of Radio

by David B. Rutledge

Cotter Sayre Book

Complete Wireless Design

by Cotter W. Sayre

Lecture notes for EE20 Radio Electronics class at Caltech. This class is based on the NorCal 40A tranceiver. THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FROM CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS or retailer such as AMAZON.COM on the internet . The book title is "The Electronics of Radio".

The German version of Puff 2.1 may still be available from UKW Berichte in Germany. Click here for information on this supplier and here for information (in German) on the German version.

The Russian Version of the Electronics of Radio can be ordered through: http://www.abook.ru/dmk/english/about.html#, DMK Press in Moscow, Russia; the Russian partner/distributor for Cambridge University Press.

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