QPCR Data Relevant to Endomesoderm Network

May 5, 2004


Ub, ubiquitin mRNA control used for internal standardization; CT, cycle no. at threshold; C, control embryo sample; Exp, sample from perturbed embryos. The quantity of transcript at any point in the reaction is I(1.94CT), where I is the initial amount in the reaction mixture. A positive number means the number of transcripts is increased by the perturbation; a negative number means the number of transcripts is decreased. Data are listed that are considered significant where significant means more than three-fold increase or decrease from control transcript levels (normalized CT difference from control is <-1.6 or >+1.6). Smaller effects are shown as "NS", except where individual NS data are included together with other significant measurements to display scatter or inconsistencies amongst different batches of cDNA. Commas separate replicate measurements in the same cDNA batch; slashes indicate different batches of cDNA from independent experiments.


MASO: Morpholino-substituted antisense oligo nucleotide
MOE: Messenger RNA overexpression
EN: Engrailed repressor domain