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The Center for Computational Regulatory Genomics CCRG

R. Andrew Cameron, Director

The Center for Computational Regulatory Biology and its subsidiary, the Genomics Technology Facility, is an integrated unit whose goal is to develop, refine and test computational approaches in genomics broadly and cis-regulatory analysis specifically. It conducts three overlapping areas of activity.


Research Center

The Research Center carries out genomically oriented wet lab research, and works collaboratively with the transcriptome and genomics efforts. A major project at present is the use of newly available sequence data to explore the mechanisms and rules of functional cis-regulatory evolution within the range of divergence times available in the various species of sea urchins for which genomic sequence and expression vectors are available.
The Computational Branch supplies software and analysis to sea urchin developmental biologists and maintains databases fundamental to the Sea Urchin Genome Project, an initiative that began in the Davidson laboratory. Its major functions are maintenance of the sea urchin genome database and solution of ongoing genomics problems. An extensive website providing access to many kinds of genomics, transcriptome and gene expression data is maintained. The main work of the Computational Branch is continuous development and improvement of sea urchin genomics resources, including genome annotations, gene models, updates of sequence assemblies, and incorporation of the stream of new genomic sequence from HGSC. This information is mounted on the Sea Urchin Genome Project web site ( (Dr. R. Andrew Cameron, Dr. Qiang Tu, Dr. Ung-jin Kim, Parul Kudtarkar, David Felt, Autumn Yuan)