Spatiotemporal Chaos - Java Simulations

Spatiotemporal chaos is dynamics that is disordered in both space and time in spatially extended systems. These java demonstrations illustrate spatiotemporal chaos in a number of different models.

The Complex Ginzburg Landau (CGL) model is a simple nonlinear pde for a complex field that is used to describe nonlienar oscillation and wave states. For this demo you can look at color plots of the phase and the magnitude of the complex field. The Bar-Eiswirth model is a model of excitable media, such as chemical reaction diffusion systems or heart tissue, that may show chaotic states. A quadratic map is one of the simplest examples of a low dimensional chaotic system. A lattice of these maps forms a simple abstract model of spatiotemporal chaos.

Change the speed to evolve the system faster - the number displayed is the number of time steps iterated between each plot.

You can download zip files of the source and this site.
Last modified Friday February 18, 2005
Michael Cross