Video Talks from Fultz Group

Claire Saunders

A computational and experimental study of phonon anharmonicity and thermal expansion of cuprite (17 min, 2021)

Stefan Lohaus

Thermodynamics of the invar transition: phonons vs. magnetism (18 min, 2021)

Pedro Guzman

A lightweight Moessbauer spectrometer for lunar exploration using a piezoelectric Doppler drive (16 min, 2021)

Brent Fultz

Phonon Anharmonicity Beyond Perturbation Theory (29 min. invited talk at TMS 2022)

New capabilities of inelastic neutron scattering for studying anharmonic phonons (22 min, 2021)

Anharmonicity causes the large thermal expansion of NaBr (37 min, 2021)

Group meeting talk July 14, 2022. This is an informal description of how the quantum Langevin equation can be adapted to explain diffuse inelastic neutron scattering. It is a development of a section in Chapter 4 of the Ph.D. thesis of Claire Saunders, which is available for download at the caltech authors library site (45 min, 2022)

Camille Bernal

Can atom vibrations explain the heat of fusion of germanium? (16 min, 2021)