Errors in the Text of
Transmission Electron Microscopy and
Diffractometry of Materials
Second Edition

by Brent Fultz and Jim Howe

We authors have found a number of misspellings and typographical errors in the first printing of of the second edition our book. We take full responsiblity for these errors, and we apologize for them. This web page identifies most all of the errors in cross-references, mathematics, science and engineering. We have not listed misspellings and typesetting errors that the reader will recognize easily, or may not care about. Please mark the following changes in your copy of the first printing of the second edition.

page 59 -- text in Problem 1.6
"planes tangent to the" should be "crystal planes that touch the"

page 228 -- text before Eq. 5.11
"...during the time t':" should be "...during the time t:"

page 330 -- Figure 6.44 caption
"[100]" should be "[010]"

We would appreciate it if you would alert us to other errors like those listed above. (You do not need to alert us to misspellings and other typographical errors. We believe we have identified most of them.) Please inform the authors at:

Last update on January 26, 2005.