Matilde Marcolli: Research

Over the years my research work was partially supported by NSF grants DMS-0651925, DMS-0901221, DMS-1007207, DMS-1201512, PHY-1205440, DMS-1707882, and DMS-2104330; NSERC Discovery Grant RGPIN-2018-04937 and Accelerator Supplement Grant RGPAS-2018-522593; ARC grant DP1092682; FQXi grant FQXi-RFP-1 804; the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Books Authored

Mathematical Linguistics

Strings and AdS/CFT holography

Motives and Quantum Field Theory

Number Theory and Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Arithmetic Noncommutative Geometry

Noncommutative Motives

F1 Geometry

Geometric Models of Particle Physics, Gravity and Cosmology

Classical and Quantum Information, Coding Theory, Computation

Quantum Hall Systems, Anyons, Statistical Physics

Gauge Theory and Low Dimensional Topology

Books Edited

Miscellaneous mathematical writings

Old unfinished projects

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