Matilde Marcolli: Collaborators and Students

My current and past graduate students

  • Tanvir Ahmed Bhuyain
  • Branimir Cacic (PhD 2013) On reconstruction theorems in noncommutative Riemannian geometry
  • Christopher Duston (PhD 2012) Exotic Smoothness, branched covering spaces and quantum gravity
  • Ivan Dynov (PhD 2008) Type III von Neumann Algebras in the Theory of Infinite-Dimensional Groups
  • Shane Farnsworth (coadvisor, PhD 2015) Standard model physics and beyond from non-commutative geometry
  • Tobias Fritz (PhD 2010) Contributions to Quantum Probability
  • Eugene Ha (PhD 2006) Quantum Statistical Mechanics of Shimura Varieties
  • Majid Heydarpour (PhD 2010) Green Functions on the Boundary at Infinity of Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Matthew Heydeman
  • Nikolay Ivankov (PhD 2011) Unbounded bivariant K-theory and an approach to noncommutative Frechet spaces
  • Victor Kasatkin (PhD 2015) Some constructions related to noncommutative tori, Fredholm modules and the Beilinson-Bloch regulator
  • Dan Li (PhD 2012) Periods and Motives: Applications in Mathematical Physics
  • Snigdhayan Mahanta (PhD 2007) Algebraic Aspects of Noncommutative Tori: The Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence
  • Bram Mesland (PhD 2009) Bivariant K-theory of Groupoids and the Noncommutative Geometry of Limit Sets
  • Emad Nasrollahpoursamami
  • Xiang Ni
  • Konrad Pilch
  • Jorge Plazas (PhD 2007) Arithmetic Structures on Noncommutative Tori with Real Multiplication
  • Abhijnan Rej: Periods, Geometry and Arithmetic in Quantum Fields and Strings
  • Yunyi Shen
  • Ali Shojaei-Fard (PhD 2010) Riemann-Hilbert Problem and Quantum Field Theory: Integrable Renormalization, Dyson-Schwinger Equations
  • Jim Tao
  • Kevin Teh (PhD 2013) Dirac spectra, summation formulae, and the spectral action
  • Rafael Torres-Ruiz (PhD 2010) Geography and Botany of Irreducible Symplectic 4-manifolds with Abelian Fundamental Group
  • Ahmad Zainy al Yasry (PhD 2008) Coverings, Correspondences and Noncommutative Geometry
  • Dapeng Zhang (PhD 2011) Projective Dirac operators, twisted K-theory and local index formula

    SURF students (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships)

    Some web pages of collaborators

  • Paolo Aluffi
  • Jean Bellissard
  • Alan Carey
  • Gunther Cornelissen
  • Yuri Manin
  • Varghese Mathai
  • Elena Pierpaoli
  • Niranjan Ramachandran
  • Goncalo Tabuada
  • Bai-Ling Wang

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