Ma 4: Fractal Geometry and Chaos Theory

Spring 2011, Caltech Math Department, Tuesday-Thursday 10:30-11:55 am. Instructor: Matilde Marcolli

Brief Course Description

The class will give an introduction to the geometry of fractals and to their occurrence in the context of dynamical systems and in relation to chaos theory.


Students Presentation Schedule

Students Presentation Topics (already assigned):

Additional material (links to external websites)


Yakov Pesin and Vaughn Climenhaga, "Lectures on fractal geometry and dynamical systems", American Mathematical Society, 2009.

Other suggested readings

Further suggested readings will be added as the class progresses:

Grading policy

Grading for the class will be based on participation in class and, depending on the number of students enrolled, on seminar presentations. The TA, Branimir Cacic , will run recitation sessions.

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