Ma 2a: Ordinary Differential Equations

Fall 2010, Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10:00-10:55 am, 22 GTS; Instructor: Matilde Marcolli

This is the "unofficial" web page for the class Ma2aP.


Note: students who happen to have the 8th edition need not worry about it. Use whatever edition you have, it makes very little difference.


Midterm exam due Friday Oct 29th. Instructions for the Midterm

Special Announcements


Homework assignments will be handed out on Tuesdays and will be due the following Tuesday at 12 noon (in the box outside room 253 Sloan). The homework assignments will be posted here as well as on the course web page maintained by the math department.


Not everything in the book is covered in class and not all that is covered in class is in the book (it would be deadly boring otherwise, wouldn't it?). Anyway, here are pointers to sections in the book that best correspond to what was done in class so far.

Suggested readings on ordinary differential equations

These suggested readings are not a requirement for the class, just a suggestion for those who are curious to know more.

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