Ma 191: Motives and Quantum Field Theory

Spring 2014, Caltech Math Department, Tuesday-Thursday 1:00-2:25 pm, Room SLN 257. Instructor: Matilde Marcolli

Brief Course Description

The class will focus on the occurrence of motives in quantum field theory: the main topics covered will include Feynman integrals of scalar field theories, graph hypersurfaces and periods; Feynman integrals in configuration and momentum space; Feynman integrals in configuration space, the algebraic geometry of wonderful compactifications and periods; Feynman integrals in momentum space and determinant hypersurfaces; algebraic renormalization via Hopf algebras and Rota-Baxter algebras; Feynman amplitudes and motives in super Yang-Mills theory.

If one is willing to take certain facts about motives as a black box, the class can be followed independently of the previous term 191b class on "Motives and Periods".


Additional references to papers will be added as the class progresses

Additional suggested readings

Lectures Outlines

Grading policy

A grade for the class will be assigned on the basis of participation in class and of an oral presentation based on assigned reading material.

Schedule of student presentations

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