Ma 148 c: Quantum Physics for Mathematicians

Spring 2011, Caltech Math Department, Tuesday-Thursday 1:00-2:30 pm. Instructor: Matilde Marcolli

Brief Course Description

We will be covering topics from Quantum Mechanics (and, time permitting, some Quantum Field Theory) from a mathematical perspective.


Previous exposure to some quantum physics and mathematical analysis can be useful, but are not strictly required, as the class with try as much as possible to be self-contained.


Leon A. Takhtajan, "Quantum mechanics for mathematicians", American Mathematical Society, 2008.

Additional suggested readings

Further reading material will be added to the list as the class progresses.

Grading policy

Given the large number of registered students, the class is offered P/F only. There is a TA, Branimic Cacic, who will set up recitation and discussion sessions for the class. Grading will be based on participation in class.

Outline of classes and notes

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