Ma 148 a: The Geometry and Physics of Information Theory

Fall 2012, Caltech Math Department, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 2:00-3:00 pm, room SLN 159. Instructor: Matilde Marcolli

Brief Course Description

This class will present a geometric theory of classical and quantum information, based on information geometry and entropy, classical and noncommutative geometry, and physics techniques ranging from classical and quantum statistical mechanics to quantum field theory.

Possible topics include

Textbooks (suggested reading)

Additional suggested readings

A list of papers will be added as the class progresses, reflecting what is being treated in the lectures. Additional readings (material covered in class):

Notes of classes

Notes will be posted here.


The grading policy will depend on participation in class and/or on seminar talks given by the students enrolled. Seminars will be Wednesday afternoon at 4pm (unless otherwise stated).


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