Mumbers Puzzle. ©1997, Mamikon

Start with any number.

Spell it and count the number of letters in the spelling - you get a new number.

Spell this new number and count the number of letters - you get another number.

Repeat the process as many times as you get new numbers...

Eventually, you will end up with what number?

The answer is 4 in English.

It is 4 in German and in Armenian too. It is 3 in Italian.

In Greek it is either 5, or you will cycle indefinitely through (4,7).

In Russian it's 3 or 11, or you will indefinitely cycle through (4,6,5).

In Spanish it is 5, or cycling through (4,6).

In French you will only cycle through (3,5,4,6).

Also in Latin it is only a cycle: (4,8).

What about other Languages? Check them on your own.

If you want an abstract Language to try to figure how this works try this


It assumes that any number N over 10 has less than N letters in its spelling.

Here is the Expalanation of these simple phenomena...