Liyang Yang


I am a third-year graduate student at California Institute of Technology. My advisor is Dinakar Ramakrishnan .
Previously I graduated from Tsinghua University in June 2016. Here is my CV.

Research Interest

Publications and preprints:

  1. (with D. Ramakrishnan) A Constraint for Twist Equivalence of Cusp Forms on GL(n). Preprint.

  2. Arithmetic Distribution of Tempered Components of Cuspidal Representations on GL(3). Preprint, available upon request.

  3. Holomorphy of Adjoint L-functions for GL(n): n\leq 4. Preprint.

  4. An Explicit CM Type Norm Formula and Effective Nonvanishing of Class Group L-functions for CM Fields. Submitted.

  5. Diophantine Inequalities Involving a Prime and an Almost-prime. Journal of Number Theory, 170 (2017), 347-367.

  6. (with D. A. Goldston) The Average Number of Goldbach Representations, in Prime Numbers and Representation Theory, Lecture Series of Modern Number Theory, volume 2, (2017), 1-12.

Lecture and Expository Notes

  1. An Introduction to Trace Formula Approach. In process, available upon request.

  2. An Outline of the Proof to Entireness of Adjoint L-functions.

  3. Archimedean Zeta Integrals of Quaternion Algebras.

  4. On the Subconvexity Problem and Equidistribution of Heegner Points.