Liyang Yang


I am a fifth-year graduate student at California Institute of Technology. My advisor is Dinakar Ramakrishnan .
Previously I graduated from Tsinghua University in June 2016. Here is my CV.

Research Interest

Published Papers:

  1. Average of Dirichlet Coefficients of Cuspidal Representations Related to GL(2). The Ramanujan Journal, (2020). To appear.

  2. (with Dinakar Ramakrishnan) A Constraint for Twist Equivalence of Cusp Forms on GL(n). Functiones et Approximatio Commentarii Mathematici, (2020). To appear.

  3. An Explicit CM Type Norm Formula and Effective Nonvanishing of Class Group L-functions for CM Fields. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 304.1 (2020): 347-384.

  4. Diophantine Inequalities Involving a Prime and an Almost-prime. Journal of Number Theory, 170 (2017), 347-367.

  5. (with Daniel Goldston) The Average Number of Goldbach Representations, in Prime Numbers and Representation Theory, Lecture Series of Modern Number Theory, volume 2, (2017), 1-12.


  1. (with Philippe Michel and Dinakar Ramakrishnan) Average Central L-values on U(3)\times U(2), Nonvanishing and Subconvexity. Preprint.

  2. (with Maksym Radziwill) Nonvanihsing of Twists of GL(4) L-functions. Preprint.

  3. (with Liubomir Chiriac) Summing Hecke Eigenvalues over Polynomials, submitted.

  4. Arithmetic Distribution of Tempered Components of Cuspidal Representations on GL(3). Preprint.

  5. Holomorphy of Adjoint L-functions for GL(n): n\leq 4, submitted.

  6. A Coarse Jacquet-Zagier Trace Formula for GL(n) with Applications, submitted.

Lecture and Expository Notes

  1. An Introduction to Trace Formula Approach. In process, available upon request.

  2. An Outline of the Proof to Entireness of Adjoint L-functions.

  3. Archimedean Zeta Integrals of Quaternion Algebras.

  4. On the Subconvexity Problem and Equidistribution of Heegner Points.