I am a Research Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. 

I am interested in fundamental questions about the origin of the universe and the evolution of all of the universe’s constituent parts. This is the study of observational cosmology. I use data across the full electromagnetic spectrum from many Observatories in space and on the ground.  By discovering and studying the properties of galaxies and galaxy clusters (including with the Hubble Space Telescope CANDELS and CLASH programs), I study the details of how structure assembles and changes over cosmic time. 

I have helped discover more than one hundred new strong gravitational lenses (most through the SLACS project), cosmic jewels that offer a surprising versatility in revealing otherwise invisible subtleties about our universe.  I am leading a concerted effort to create the ultimate clearinghouse of all known strong gravitational lenses in the Master Lens Database project. With the right observational experiment (such as the OMEGA Explorer mission), it will be possible to reach new insights into the nature of the as-yet undiscovered fundamental dark matter particles that fill the universe. 

There are often many research opportunities at JPL with my group at all levels, from undergraduates to postdocs, including possible Fellowships. Please contact me!

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