Fourth Annual Workshop on Advanced Networking
Pasadena Hilton Hotel
168 South Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101
May 14, 2004
Sponsored by Caltech's Lee Center
Time Speaker and title - Caltech Professors' names are linked to websites. Papers are no longer linked as of 4.29.05 to make room on the server for the 2005 workshop papers. ---- Photos from Workshop
8:00 Buffet breakfast and registration in the Foyer outside the San Gabriel Ballroom
8:50 Dave Rutledge, Director of the Lee Center, Welcome.
9:00 Mani Chandy, "Sense and Respond Systems", (79KB).
9:20 Steve Low, "Utility, Fairness, and TCP/IP interaction", (151KB); Papers : "Fast TCP",(1.9MB) Jin, Wei & Low; "Optimization Flow Control with Estimation Error" (212KB) Mehyar, Spanos & Low ; "Understanding XCP" (216KB) Low, Andrew, & Wydrowski; "Understanding CHOKe" (314KB) Tang, Wang, & Low; "Is Fair Allocation Always Inefficient?" (190KB) Tang, Wang, & Low; "Local Stability of FAST TCP" (112KB), Wang,Tang, & Low; Can Shortest-path Routing and TCP Maximize Utility, (157KB), Wang, Li, Low, & Doyle.
9:40 David Alderson, (John Doyle), "Unifying theories of complex networks",(1.2MB); Paper : "A First-Principles Approach to Understanding the Internet's Router-level Topology",(1MB) Li, Alderson, Willinger, Doyle, Tanaka & Low.
10:00 Break in the courtyard adjacent to the San Gabriel Ballroom
10:30 Bill Kaiser, UCLA, "Networked Infomechanical Systems (NIMS)",(Invited),(1.9MB).
11:00 Li-Chun Wang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, "Scheduling for MIMO Wireless Data Networks", (Invited), (281KB).
11:30 Muriel Médard, MIT, "Coding for Networks", (115KB),(Invited).
12:00 Buffet lunch in the Pacific Room
1:20 Deniz Armani (Vahala), "Chip-based Ultra-High-Q Optical Microcavities", (651KB); Papers : "Replica-molded hig-Q polymer microresonators",(619KB) Martin, Armani, Yang & Vahala; "Compact, fiber-compatible, cascaded Raman laser" (662KB) Min, Kippenberg, & Vahala; "Optical microcavities" (415KB) Vahala; "Fiber-coupled erbium microlasers on a chip" (45KB) Yang, Armani, & Vahala; "Ideality in a Fiber-Taper-Coupled Microresonator System for Application to Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics" (167KB) Spillane, Kippenberg, Painter, & Vahala; "Ultra-high-Q toroid microcavity on a chip" (279KB), Armani, Kippenberg, Spillane, & Vahala.
1:40 Xiang Guan (Hajimiri),"A Fully Integrated 24-GHz 8-Path Phased Array Receiver in Silicon",(654KB); Papers: "A Fully Integrated 24-GHz 8-Path Phased Array Receiver in Silicon",(266KB) Hashemi, Guan & Hajimiri, "Circular-Geometry Oscillators", (485KB), Aparicio & Hajimiri, "A 24-GHz CMOA Front-End", (318KB), Guan & Hajimiri, "Non-Linear Transmission Lines for Pulse Shaping in Silicon", (347KB), Afshari & Hajimiri, "Statistical Analysis of Integrated Passive Delay Lines", (818KB), Analui & Hajimiri, "Noise-Shifting Differential Colpitts VCO", (457KB), Aparicio & Hajimiri.

Dai Lu (Rutledge) "Indoor Wireless Channel Modelling", (1MB); Papers: "Indoor Wireless Channel Modeling from 2.4 to 24GHz Using a Combined E/H-Plane 2D Ray Tracing Method " (320KB), Lu, & Rutledge;"V-Band Transmission and Reflection Grid Amplifier Packaged in Waveguide" (670KB) Cheung, Tsai, Kagiwada, & Rutledge; "Invesitgation of Indoor Radio Channels from 2.4GHz to 24 GHz",(494KB) Lu, & Rutledge.

2:20 Radhika Gowaikar (Hassibi), "Capacity of Erasure Wireless Networks" (112KB); Papers : "Should We Break a Wireless Network into Sub-Networks?" (pdf 248KB); "On the Capacity of Wireless Erasure Relay Networks" (92KB) Gowaikar, Dana, Palanki, Hassibi & Effros ; "Power Bandwidth Trade-Off in Sensory and Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks" (132KB), Dana & Hassibi;"On the Capacity of MIMO Broadcast Channel with Partial Side Information" (265KB) Sharif & Hassibi; "On the Power Efficiency of Sensory and Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks", Dana & Hassibi.

Andrew Jiang (Bruck), "Topology Control Monotone Percolation" (105KB) ; Papers:"Monotone Percolation and the Topology Control of Wireless Networks",(228KB), Jiang & Bruck ;"Optimal Interleaving on Tori" (425KB), Jiang, Cook & Bruck;"Scheduling for Efficient Data Broadcast over Two Channels" (76KB) Foltz, Xu & Bruck; "Percolation in multi-hop wireless networks",(767KB) Franceschetti, Booth, Cook, Meester & Bruck.

3:00 Break in the courtyard adjacent to the San Gabriel Ballroom
3:20 Lauren Munyan (Plott), "Information Aggregation of Conditional Probabilites through Parimutuel Betting Mechanisms", (80KB).
3:40 Jernej Copic (Jackson), "Partitioning a Network", (131KB).
4:00 Michael Fleming (Effros), "On the Role of Feedback in Lossless Coding", (104KB); Papers: "Rate-Distortion With Mixed Types of Side Information", Fleming & Effros, "On the Capacity of Wireless Erasure Relay Networks" (92KB) Gowaikar, Dana, Palanki, Hassibi & Effros.

Cedric Florens (McEliece)"Delay Issues in Linear Sensory Networks", (282KB).

4:40 Cristian Tapus (Hickey), "Globally Consistent Message Ordering in a Distributed File System", (238KB); Papers: " Kernel Level Speculative DSM", (79KB), Tapus, Smith & Hickey, "Building Reliable Compliers with a Formal Methods Framework", (40KB) Gray, Tapus, Nogin & Hickey, "Real-Time Leader Election for Cooperative Control of Dynamic Vehicle Formations", Tapus & Cremean, (237KB), " A Simple Serializability Mechanism for a Distributed Objects System", (180KB), Tapus, Nogin, Hickey & White, "Extensible Hierarchical Tactic Construction in a Logical Framework", (273KB), Hickey & Nogin.