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My Favorite Snapshots



with Prof. A. Scherer (left) and Prof. E. Yablonovitch (right) at the party (6/12, 2004).

Prof. Yablonovitch in UCLA is very famous as an inventor of Photonic Crystal.

Prof. Scherer, who is my Boss in Caltech, is also famous for having realized the first Photonic Crystal Laser.

I was very happy being together with such great professors whom I respect.



with new PhD awardees and our supervisor at the graduation ceremony of Caltech (6/11/2004).

Dr. M. Adams (front left), Dr. A. Husain (center), and Dr. T. Yoshie (right) got PhD at that day.



I attended the seminar of Japanese history presented by famous novelist Mr. Jiro Asada (9/9/2004 in LA)

Mr. Jiro Asada is very famous as Naoki-sho prize winner novelist and is my most favorite novelist.

Very fortunately, I got his bran-new novels with his signature by 10/300 probability of lottery.

I could shake hands with him but I couldn't have an opportunity to take picture with him.


with my office mates at Caltech Moore Room36 (7/6/2006)

From left to right: Zhaoyu Zhang, me, Yan Chen, and Terrell D. Neal.



I went to the special lecture “The origins of the Universe” by Prof. Stephen Hawking (4/4/2006 at Caltech)

The lecture was so interesting, humorous, and instructive. I remember that I was very excited to read his books when I was student.

I just took a picture from his back because I didn't want to dazzle him by flash (inset picture).



In Japan




My younger days


The picture of my younger day (~1990 when I was a bachelor student)

I was very slender….



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