Name: Jim Barry
Current Status: Faculty, Performing and Fine Arts Dept., Caltech
Home Address: 1031 S. Pasadena Ave, Pasadena, CA. 91105
Office Address: Caltech, 23-58, Pasadena, CA 91125
Telephone: 626 395-6936 / 626 395-3295
Email: jibarry@its.caltech.edu


BA Cultural Anthropology, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1972
BA Black Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1972


"Friend of Tombouctou" distinction, Mayor Mohammed Cisse, 2003
Three major murals in the Presidential Palace of Mali, 1990

Lecturer, Studio Arts Classes, Performing and Fine Arts Dept., Caltech
Computer Graphics Instruction, National Museum of Mali and Ministry of Culture, Mali, 2003
Translator, Instructor, Enhanced Energy Foundation, 2003
Artist, Interface and Tool Design, CACR Virtual Painting Systems 2002-3, Caltech
Tech Coordinator, Lead Teacher Art Tech, Young Engineering and Science Scholars, 1995-2003, Caltech
Director, Science and Math; Integrated, Animated Methodologies, Science and Technology, NSF Center for Computer Graphic and Scientific Visualization 1998-2002

Online Message board and school exchanges with Africa
Kindergarten message and Photo exchange with Mali, West Africa
Teaching and Computer Donation Program, Navajo Reservation, Dec 2000
Navajo Teacher Survey online (2000-2001 site)
Mali, West Africa Teacher Training
Mali, Pathfinder Foundation hardware/software donation and training
Online curriculum with auto quiz correction. (2000-2001 site)
Negotiated matching support and funds from US Embassies in Paris and Africa.

Animator, Web Designer, Caltech Seismological Laboratory, introductory video. 2001
Animator, Project Mathematics, August 1999- 2000, Caltech
Maya animations for broadcast video.
Animated Flash segments for Web education and educational research.
Interactive web site with Java applets.
Designer/Animator, W. M. Keck Foundation Grant High School Calculus: 1997-1998

LANGUAGES: English, French

http://www.its.caltech.edu/~jibarry/africa.html Photos between Timbuktu and California (without accompanying email exchanged at the High School level), bi-lingual
http://www.gg.caltech.edu/~jibarry/MathEx/Index.html examples of Math Problems, Middle and Lower School, from Africa, Peru(deleted), and the United States, tri-lingual
Kindergarten Photos and email, Africa and the United States, bi-lingual
On-line Surveys for Navajo Teachers
Math Animations for the Classroom, Calculus, Square Root of Two Proofs

Virtual Painting, Interface and Tool Development



International One Man Shows

Aug. 1992 Bamako, Mali, National Museum

Aug. 1991 Bamako, Mali, National Museum

July. 1990 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, National Museum

July. 1990 Bamako, Mali, French Cultural Center

Aug. 1989 Bamako, Mali, National Museum

Feb.  l982 Bamako, Mali, National Institute of the Arts

Jan.   l982 Bobo-Dialasso, Burkima Fasso, Franco-Voltaique Cultural Center

Jan.   l982 Ouagadougou, Burkima Fasso, Franco-Voltaique Cultural Center

Dec.  l98l Abidjan, Ivory Coast, French Cultural Center

Mar.  l980 Ouagadougou, Burkima Fasso, French Cultural Center

Jan.   l980 Nouakchott, Mauritania, National Museum

Mar.  l979 Dakar, Senegal, French Cultural Center


International Group Shows

Nov 2002 Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Computer Art Fest

Aug 2000 Kranj, Slovenia, Works on Paper April 1999 Mauritius Islands, Save the Childeren, UNESCO Nov 1998 Czechoslovakia , Book Plate Show Oct. 1997-9 France, Fourth Trienniel International Traveling Small Print Show Oct. 1994-Aug 97 France, Norway, China, etc , Third Trienniel International Small Print Show Feb. 1991 Paris, France, W.I.C.E. Artspace Feb. l984 Dakar, Senegal, Gallere De L'Art Contemporain Dec. l978 Dakar, Senegal, International Trade-Fair, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of Senegal May l978 Dakar, Senegal, American Cultural Center (I.C.A.)   National Indiviual and Group Shows Dec 2004 San Marino, Ca, Absolute Art Gallery Spring 2004 Pasadena, Ca, Semana Latina, Caltech July 1998 Los Angeles, Ca., Artificial Life Invitational Computer Art Sept 1996 Santa Monica, Ca , WildFiber Invitational Feb 1995 Pasadena, Ca., The Art Gallery, Group Show Oct. 1993 Pasadena, Ca. Charles White Memorial Art Festival, Group Show June 1993 Los Angeles, Ca. Gallery Tanner, Group Show Mar. 1993 Riverside, California, Riverside County Art Museum, Group Show Nov. 1991 Lancaster, Ca., Lancaster-Palmdale City Museum, Group Show June 1988 Pasadena, Ca., The Art Gallery, One Man Show Jan. 1987 Pasadena, Ca., Mac Houston Gallery, Group Show Apr. 1986 Los Angeles, Ca., Hendricks Gallery, Group Show Feb. 1985 San Francisco, Ca., Artist/Art Director, "No Way Out" Video, Jefferson Starship June l984 Pasadena, Ca., Ibis Fine Arts Ltd. Group Show Dec. l984 Los Angeles, Ca., Brockman Gallery, Group Show Dec. l984 Los Angeles, Ca., Tanner Gallery, Group Show Dec. l983 Los Angeles, Ca., Brockman Gallery, Group Show Sept.l983 Santa Monica, Ca., Roberts Gallery, Group Show April l983 Los Angeles, Ca., University of Southern California, S.A.C. International Student Week, One Man Show Dec. l982 San Diego, Ca., Visual Dimensions, One Man Show Aug. l982 Altadena, Ca., Charles White Memorial Art Festival, Second Prize May l982 Laguna Beach, Ca., East-West, Two Person Show Oct. l98l Los Angeles, Ca., Gallery Tanner, Group Show Sept.l98l Washington, D. C., INTERART Galleries and Dealers Fair May l98l Washington, D. C., Rayburn House Congressional Office Bldg. Dec. l980 Washington, D. C., Raku Gallery, 3l0 7th Street N.W. Group Show