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Project Lead - scProteomics; Senior Proteomics Bioinformatician, Physics
Roukes Group | Caltech | Pasadena CA

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
2005 – Univ. Arkansas, Fayetteville AR
Advisor: Prof. Charles L. Wilkins

BS Biochemistry & BS Microbiology
2001 – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo CA


Single Cell Proteomics
The goal is to create arrays of tiny electrostatic traps to measure the mass and charge of single molecule peptides, which are then grouped together for efficient analysis of a single mammalian cell's proteome.

Researcher | Funding: Wellcome Leap Foundation Delta Tissue
Spatial Proteomics
Building and optimizating an electrostatic trap based mass spectrometry system to enable imaging and identification of proteins with single cell spatial resolution.

Co-PI | Funding: National Institute of Health Director's Transformative Research Award Program
2023 press release
NEMS for the direct in situ observation of drug-target interactions
Using Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) systems to study the mass and shape of proteins and protein-pharmaceutical complexes in order to discover potential new model interactions.

Co-PI | Funding: Amgen Chem-Bio-Engineering Award
TB Proteomics
Characterizing the in-situ proteomes (1000's of proteins) of both the host and pathogen (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) to provide deeper insights into the molecular responses and highlight possible new theraputic avenues.

Collaboration: Prof. Steyn at AHRI


Currently the Project Lead for Single Cell Proteomics and the Senior Proteomics Bioinformatician for the Roukes Group at Caltech (Pasadena, CA) in the Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy.

Dr. Jeff Jones (Ph.D. ’05) has extensive experience in mass spectrometry instrumentation and cellular biology with over twenty years in proteomics and bioinformatics spanning several patents and publications. In early academic work, Dr. Jones developed and published several approaches using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) studying intact whole cell microorganisms. His work included novel bioinformatic applications for characterizing the lipid and phospholipid cell components of single cellular bacteria and fungi.

In commercial biotech, he focused on developing proteomic applications for clinical biomarker discovery from liquid biopsies. Using mass spectrometry-based methods, identified a multivariate set of markers from routine plasma collections that are predictive for colorectal cancer. These signatures were translated to CLIA/CAP certified laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) that were offered to the public as a screening step prior to colonoscopy.

Dr. Jones is currently focused on redefining bioinformatic methods for accurately identifying peptide and protein sequences, with a particular emphasis on new developments in ultra-sensitive, single-molecule mass spectrometry. His interests include utilizing techniques from signal processing, information theory, and machine learning in proteomics-based biomarker development.


Infectious Disease
Developing of proteomic-based signatures derived from infectious disease tissue samples aims to bridge gaps in our comprehension of both host and pathogen responses. We anticipate that insights gained from studying proteomic responses to environmental factors will pave the way for innovative treatment and prevention strategies.

In addition, Jeff is dedicatedly exploring novel computational techniques for the identification and quantification of proteomic sequences and peptides. His work primarily concentrates on enhancing the accuracy and precision of data extraction in this domain.


American Society For Mass Spectrometry Instructor: Learning R for Mass Spectrometry (paid 2-day short course)

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR Data Science Program Technical & Curriculum Advisory Workgroup


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  1. tidyproteomics: An S3 data object and analytical framework for common quantitative proteomic analyses.

  2. msfastar: A tool for calculating peptide sequence and fragment masses integrating Rust code and libraries to improve computational efficiencies.

  3. mspredictr: An lightweight R package for parsing FASTA protein databases files into an R usable list or data.frame. Utilizing simple regular expressions and Rust code to improve computational efficiencies.

  4. A Pre-computed Probabilistic Molecular Search Engine for Tandem Mass Spectrometry Proteomics. bioRxiv (2020), p. 2020.02.06.937870.