Joseph E. Bogen, M.D.

Personal Information:

        Mailing Address:        PO Box 50566, Pasadena, CA  91115
        Phone:                  (323) 258-5689
        Born:                   July 13, 1926 in Cincinnati, OH  (US citizen)
        Married:                1955 to Glenda A. Miksch of Alhambra, CA
        Children:               Meriel, born June 11, 1959
                                Mira, born December 3, 1960


        1943    Graduation from Monrovia High School, Monrovia, CA
        1943    Undergraduate at Cal. Inst. Tech.
        1944    USN radar schools
        1949    A.B. (Economics), Whittier College
        1950    University of Cincinnati (Zoology)
        1951    UCLA (Mathematics)
        1956    M.D., USC
        1956-57 Intern in Surgery, The New York Hospital (Cornell)
        1957-58 Asst. Resident in Surgery, The New York Hospital (Cornell)
        1958-59 National Research Council Fellow in Medical Sciences
        1959-63 Resident in Neurosurgery, White Memorial Hospital
        1966    Diplomate, American Board of Neurological Surgery
                        California License G4547 (1957).  DEA #AB4441870

Military Service:

        1944-46 USNR ETM 3/c:  South Pacific, American area and Victory ribbons


        Graduate Res. Anatomist, UCLA:  1953, 1954
        Res. Asst. in Neurophysiol, Cal. Inst. Tech.:  1955
        Asst. in Surgery, Cornell Med. School:  1957
        Res. Fellow in Neurophysiol., Cal. Inst. Tech.:  1958
        Res. Associate in Neurophysiol. Loma Linda Univ.:  1959
        Asst. in Neurology, Loma Linda Univ.:  1963
        Asst. Clin. Prof. of Neurosurgery, Cal. Coll. of Med.:  1964
        Consultant in Neurosurgery, Cal, Inst. Tech.:  1968-1980
        Assoc. Clin. Prof., USC:  1973
        Clin. Prof., USC:  1977 to present
        Adj. Prof., UCLA:  1984 to present
        Visiting Prof., Cal. Inst. Tech.:  1995-1999


        Sigma XI;  AAAS;  LA Soc Neurol Sciences (Bd of Dir, 1975, Pres, 1985)
        So Calif Neurosurg Soc (Pres 1976);  Amer Acad Neurol; 
        Amer Assoc Neurol Surg; Amer Coll Surgeons (Fellow 1968); 
        Soc for Neurosci; Behavioral Neurol Soc; Western Pain Soc; 
        Amer Pain Soc; Calif Neuropsychol Soc; Intnl Neuropsychol Soc; 
        Acad of Aphasia (Bd of Governors (1976-80)

Research Interests:

       Postural reflexology; Cerebral localization; Surgery for epilepsy; 
       Neuropsychology and behavioral neurology including physiology of consciousness