James Anderson
Senior Postdoctoral Scholar
Computing+Mathematical Sciences
California Institute of Technology


I'm excited to be joining the Electrical Engineering Department at Columbia University as an assistant professor in January 2020.

Interested in doing a PhD in my group? Click here for more info.

F1/10 racing at Columbia

I am hoping to put together a Columbia F1/10 autonomous racing team. Any (undergrad or grad) students or postdocs (in any department) are welcome to join. More information will come via the appropriate mailing lists soon, you can email me directly.

To register your interest: Complete this brief survey.

I will be at the race on October 14th, see you there!


I am currently a senior research scientist in Computing+Mathematical Sciences at Caltech where I am a member of Professor Steven Low’s Netlab group. From 2012-2016 I held a Junior Research Fellowship at St John's College, Oxford and was a faculty member of the Department of Engineering Science based in the Control Group. I was awarded my DPhil (PhD) from Oxford in 2012 for my work on Dynamical System Decomposition and Analysis Using Convex Optimization under the supervision of Professor Antonis Papachristodoulou.

Research Interests

Robust and Distributed Control, Convex Optimization, Power Systems, Systems & Synthetic Biology

Updates and Travel


email: james@caltech.edu
phone: +1 (626) 395-2027
office: 203 Annenberg IST Center

A nearly successful effort to introduce the atmospheric system of traction 

A nearly successful effort to introduce the atmospheric system of traction.
Original image: W. Heath Robinson
Colouring: Adam Hart-Davis

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