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Helge Picture courtesy of Evelyn Lamb.

Address: Helge Krüger
Caltech Department of Mathematics
Mailcode 253-37
1200 E California Blvd
Pasadena CA 91125
Phone: +1 (626) 395-4324
Office: Sloan 160
Email: helge@caltech.edu.

Since fall 2010, I am Simons Postdoctoral Scholar in Theoretical Physics at Caltech working with Barry Simon. I am supported by the Simons Foundation.

I graduated in May 2010 from Rice University. There, I was supervised in my doctoral studies by David Damanik. In December 2007, I have obtained my master degree at the University of Vienna under Gerald Teschl.

I am interested in the spectral theory of discrete one-dimensional Schrödinger operators. In particular of the Lyapunov exponent and the essential spectrum. Furthermore, I am interested in the Toda lattice and Oscillation Theory.


  • Fall 2012, Ma 142a.
  • Winter 2012, Ma 108b.
  • Fall 2011, Ma 191a.
  • Fall 2010, Ma 110a.

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