Lester / Dougherty Lab E-mail List

This list contains only people presently at Caltech and in our groups, or who are expected on campus soon.

Here are two ways you can use this list:

  1. Click on an individual address, and your default e-mail client should open with a message to that recipient; or
  2. To email the lab using Eudora, copy the entire two-column listing into the To: or Bcc: field of a new message.

"Bower, Kiowa San" <kiowa@caltech.edu>,
"Cashin, Amanda Leigh" <cashin@caltech.edu>,
"Clayton, Daniel J." <dclayton@caltech.edu>,
"Cohen, Bruce N." <bncohen@caltech.edu>,
"Deshpande, Purnima G." <purnimad@its.caltech.edu>,
"Dibas, Mohammed " <mdibas@caltech.edu>,
"Dougherty, Dennis A." <dad@igor.caltech.edu>,
"Eastwood, Amy Lynn" <eastwood@caltech.edu>,
"Fonck, Carlos Ivan" <cfonck@caltech.edu>,
"Hamilton, Kathleen " <khamilto@caltech.edu>,
"Hanek, Ariele Patrice" <ariele@caltech.edu>,
"Huang, Qi (Stephanie)" <sw33@hotmail.com>,
"Imoukhuede, Princess " <princess@caltech.edu>,
"Jankowsky, Joanna Louisa" <jlj2@caltech.edu>,
"Lee, Lori WaiHang" <lwlee@its.caltech.edu>,
"Lester, Henry A." <lester@caltech.edu>,
"McKinney, Sheri " <mckinney@caltech.edu>,
"McMenimen, Katie Anna" <kathryn@caltech.edu>,
"Moss, Fraser John" <fmoss@caltech.edu>,
"Mu, Tingwei " <tingwei@its.caltech.edu>,
"Nashmi, Raad " <raad@caltech.edu>,
"Pantoja, Rigo " <pantoja@caltech.edu>,
"Petersson, E. James" <ejp@its.caltech.edu>,
"Rodrigues-Pinguet, Nivalda " <npinguet@caltech.edu>,
"Rodriguez, Erik Ali" <erikr@caltech.edu>,
"Schwarz, Johannes " <johannes@caltech.edu>,
"Shapovalov, George G." <georges@its.caltech.edu>,
"Slimko, Eric " <eslimko@cco.caltech.edu>,
"Spronk, Steven A." <spronk@caltech.edu>,
"Tapper, Andrew R." <atapper@caltech.edu>,
"Torrice, Michael " <torrice@caltech.edu>,
"Walsh, Michael P." <walsh_m@caltech.edu>,
"Xiu, Xinan (Joanne)" <joanne@cheme.caltech.edu>