Subject:  New Lester Lab Member PC Administration
Author:   Pamela Fong
Date:     Tue Dec 16 13:45:20 PST 2003

Here is a cheat sheet for remembering what we need to setup for new lab members. 

ITS Accounts

  ITS UNIX/Windows Account
  Access to LDAP account-restricted only-haluser web pages (send request to

Lester Lab Accounts

  HAL-LAB Windows Account (send request to
  Orphanin Web Server Account (send request to (Caltech 131.215.x.x restricted) (unrestricted)

Directory Listings

  E-mail List for the labs of Henry A. Lester and Dennis A. Dougherty
  Henry Lester / Dennis Dougherty Lab Internal Roster (roster.doc)
  Lester Lab / Dougherty Lab Public Roster
  Caltech Personnel Information Change Form (P-53)

List Server

  Add subscription to

ITS Lester Lab Help Desk

  ITS Lester Lab Help Desk Documents
  Help Contacts