Add a New User to the hallab Distribution List

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

4:41 PM PST

  1. Open Internet Explorer to the URL,

  2. At the hallab Administrator Authentication webpage, type the password in the box,

    List Administrator Password:  (the ITS hallab Mailman password)

    and then click the button, "Let me in..."

  3. Click the link, Membership Management.

  4. Click the link, Mass Subscription.
  5. Verify these options have been selected,
    1. Subscribe these users now or invite them?  Subcribe.
    2. Send welcome messages to new subscribees?  Yes.
    3. Send notifications of new subscriptions to the list owner?  Yes.
  6. Type the e-mail address of the new member in the box labeled, Enter one address per line below...  If the member has a Caltech e-mail address, use only the format.  Do not include addresses that have the format.

  7. Click the button, Submit Your Changes
  8. .

  9. Click the link, Membership List.
  10. In the box below the new member address, type the member name of the user.
  11. Verify the nodupes box is checked.
  12. Click the button, Submit Your Changes.

  13. Click the link, Logout.
  14. All group members will receive messages sent to, <>.