SURF possibilities in the Lester / Davidson Lab

We receive about a half-dozen requests every year for summer research.  We can take one or two students within the framework of Caltech's active program in this area, called SURF.   We usually cannot take non-Caltech students.

Please follow this procedure to explore a SURF project.
(1)  Surf our  Web site and find a project that interests you.  In addition, you can surf Dennis Dougherty's site.  There are possibilities in many different disciplines, ranging from bench molecular biology, imaging, organic chemistry, computer modeling, drug addiction, and psychiatry.
(2)  Please read a few papers on the topic.
(3)  Then write a creative paragraph proposing a summer project.  Please send to Henry Lester.

We will encourage students who show enough interest to follow this procedure.  We prefer to take students interested in Ph D and MD/Ph D graduate programs, not in pure MD programs.