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Neurotransmitter Transporters Voltage-Gated Channels G Protein-Gated Channels Transmitter-Gated Channels G Protein-Coupled Receptors Quantitative Mouse Genetic Models for Synaptic Transmission and Neuroscience Diseases Synaptic Potentiation Synapse and Mouse Cartoon

This cartoon represents a mouse with designed mutations in molecules of synaptic transmission.  You can find our publications and preliminary work on each molecule, and on the mice themselves, by clicking on them.


For prospective postdocs and graduate students

Our projects range from the biophysics of Cys-loop receptors and transporters, through mouse models for neuroscience diseases.  The lab would be a good experience for

-- a molecular biologist looking to gain experience in electrophysiology or optics;

-- a physicist or engineer hoping to contribute to the exciting biomedical problems of nicotine addiction, epilepsy, or Parkinson's disease;

-- a clinician wanting to learn basic neuroscience; or

-- an electrophysiologist hoping to learn mouse genetics.


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Sad to report, Norman Davidson died on 14 February 2002.


There are four ways to obtain pdf reprints of our papers.

  (1) Here is a directory containing pdfs, organized by year; and

  (2) Go to PubMed for a list of our publications, with abstracts, and sometimes with links to publishers' Web sites.

  (3) Email Eloisa Imel.

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Biology Division Annual Reports no longer include abstracts

But here's a link to the most recent Caltech Biology Division Annual Report


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Contact Henry Lester at lester@caltech.edu.

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