Welcome to the public web page of Greg Grasmehr (sometimes misspelled as Grashmer or Grasmere) at Caltech.edu

I'm proud to be employed by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the #1 university on the globe

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GPG/PGP Public Key Fingerprint: 38E2 F9BD A95E 9824 20AB 331A 9E29 D1A1 AAEE 5F42

What I do at Caltech

  • Solve Problems
  • Digital forensics, system and network
    1. Shout out to Guymager - verified faster imaging through multi-threaded support
    2. Personally tested 25% faster USB 2->USB 3 and 33% faster SATA->USB 3, than dc3dd
  • Network and system data analysis and malicious event correlation
  • System, network and application security consulting to the Caltech community
  • Custom Built Security Systems Hardware Management
  • Internet and data security education and evangalism
  • Splunk, Argus, multi-Gb Zeek and Suricata
slow mysql innodb mysqldump import solved
Scripts that serve(d) a purpose - some maybe no longer useful :P

Mahalo nui loa to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole for Iz inspiration
Iz mau loa, never forgotten


Live To Love. Love To Surf

I (he/him/his) am an ally and provide a Safe Zone to members of the Caltech community
Safe Zones and allies are sponsored by the Caltech Center for Student Diversity

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