Freaky's Macintosh Archive Really cool site. Freaky has everything from Mac utilities to Virii. A MUST see.
MacMan's Hacking and Warez One of the coolest Mac Sites. Loads of info and cool Pictures.
Crackintosh Really cool Hacking/Warez site. On the Best Macwarez 25 list.
Cyberpunkz Official Web page of Cyberpunkz the hotline site..check it out, cool graphics.
WeeDo's Hacks and Cracks WeeDo's Hacks and Cracks....Filez and cool site :-) .
Team 2600 Team 2600 is a group that make EXCELLENT exploits for the mac...take a trip there. Home of 2600 mag. Pretty cool, but the mag isn't cheap.
Vladimir's Page Cool page that has been around forever.
The Weasel's Mac Hacks'n'Cracks This is the Home of The Weasel....many of you probably know him from Hotline.
Zeus's Serial Number Archives Well...not really sn# anymore...he got busted by the SPA
Space Rouge's Whacked Mac Archives Space Rogues's server with lots of cool stuff on it...check it out.
SixKiller Enterprises A pretty cool page..
#MacfiLeZ Home Home of MacFiLeZ the IRC warez chatroom....
LOpht Heavy Industries Cool place for hacking and cracking....they sell a cool CD too.
MacPraetorians Yet another H/P/V/A/C site...yet this one was one of the first.
AstaLaVista H/C Search A search engine just for Mac Hacking and Cracking files.
DNA Anaconda's page....has cool files and a neat mapped out interface...
El Grande's Mac Hacks Provides you with tools and meathods to screw with your mac....
Evil House of Cheat This place will definately make school life alot easier....
Mac Emulation An awesome emulation site with everything you need....

If you want to add any links, or report bad ones, please mail me.